Saturday, May 28, 2011

Two blogs ... one purpose

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This blog's primary audience is a group of  ICT Master Students in Lebanon, and knowing that the Lebanese students are fluent in English and French, along with the Arabic, I decided not to translate information from French to English before including it in this blog. Instead I've built two blogs serving the same issue, ICT in education, one in French and one in English. 

For the primary audience, all my blog visitors, and the fellow teachers using my blog I would like to invite you to visit my French blog on ICT by clicking here.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Students' achievements

The following blogs are created by university students in education in Lebanon interested in ICT and those blogs are tested in schools. The usage of these blogs in schools have two objectives:
  • integration of technology in education for a better teaching and learning experience,
  • testing and observing the effects and results of ICT integration in education in Lebanon.
Still newbies ? Not really, the following blogs are really exciting and they are, just like mine, trying to improve every day! Enjoy your navigation:
  1. Emmanuelle Moarbes built a french Math blog that explains math through games
  2. Mireille Tabet built a french blog about ICT at schools le numérique à l'école
  3. Kristel Yaacoub built a french blog about ICT Technophilie
  4. Ghada Al-Saylami built a bolg for teachers and educators wishing to be introducted to social media and to integrate ICT in their practices Shape the future: social medial and education